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Book Illustration

These are pen-and-ink illustrations commissioned for a book entitled For Journey We Must, scheduled for publication in 2018. The book follows Johann Peter Mahrstellar, a young German who left Pfungstadt in Hesse-Darmstadt in 1737 to emigrate to Pennsylvania in America, where he journeyed north from Philadelphia to build a log cabin in the wilderness, marry, and produce a large family.

All images copyright 2017 by Robert G. Hewitt, with all rights reserved.


  • Town Plan of Pfungstadt in the Early 18th Century
  • Road Through Pfungstadt
  • Pfungstadt Seat of Government
  • Pfungstadt Church and Mill
  • Remains of Pfungstadt Gallows
  • Typical German House and Farmyard
  • Main Room in German Farmhouse
  • Stove in German Farmhouse
  • Food Preparation Area in German Farmhouse
  • Farmhouse Stube, or Stove
  • Second Floor of German Farmhouse
  • Packing the German Emigrant's Trunk
  • Nierstein on the Rhine
  • Maus Tower on the Rhine
  • Gorge on the Rhine
  • German Castle Overlooking the Rhine
  • Scene in Holland on the Rhine, Just Over the German Border
  • Street Scene in Amsterdam
  • Wailing Tower at Amsterdam Shore on Zuider Zee
  • Boats on Zuider Zee Near Amsterdam
  • Map of the Voyage from Amsterdam to Cowes
  • The Bilander Townsend
  • Bulkhead Facilities
  • Pissdale on Deck of Ship
  • Seat of Ease on Deck
  • Seat of Ease off Captain's Quarters
  • Farm Alongside the Zuider Zee
  • North Foreland of England
  • Cowes on the Isle of Wight off the Southern Coast of England
  • The Needles South of the Isle of Wight
  • Land's End, Cornwall, England
  • On Deck, Looking at the Ocean through the Ship's Rigging
  • Pennsylvania Log Cabin of the Early 18th Century
  • Compass Rose, Used on Maps
  • Voyage Icon