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Open the above menu for links to examples of Robert's work in these categories: Corporate Art, Colorations, Dreamscapes, Seasons, Book Illustration, and Bits & Pieces.

art communicates

Art is never mute, no matter how distant in time the artist's act from the viewer's description of the result. Art is perhaps the greatest creative collaboration. What's communicated may depend on the mood of the viewer as much as the intent of the artist, but art always has something to say to the senses, the intellect, or the heart.

Robert works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen and ink, pencil, and multimedia, selecting the media to suit the subject and ultimate purpose of the art. His favorite subjects include architecture, interior decoration, landscapes, seascapes, and digital portraiture, but he is pleased to receive commissions specific to client need and preferences. He recognizes that art suitable for the boardroom is not what's wanted in the bedroom, that the room-dominating landscape can relate to the bedside vignette, and that sometimes a space's ambience calls out for a splash of the one color that will bring it to life. Whether he's capturing a moment, a concept, an activity, or an object, Robert's goal always is to suit the art to client use.

One of his favorite genres is coporate art, for he enjoys the challenge of capturing the excitement and satisfaction of successful commerce in pieces ready for the boardroom, executive office, visitor center, and passages. He particularly enjoys executing art to be given by officers commemorating employee achievement. To see a handful of examples of his corporate art, check out the "corporate art" tab.

An avid reader, Robert takes great pleasure in book illustration. A selection of pen-and-ink sketches from his most recent assignment may be seen by clicking the "book illustration" tab.

Whatever the subject, genre, or style, it's Robert's philosophy that art should be fun. He enjoys creating the art in his online galleries, and hopes that you'll enjoy viewing it.

about Robert

Robert Hewitt began drawing when he could barely walk, and had a special fondness for using chalk on the sidewalk in front of his parents' home. A constant doodler and sketcher, he focused on art all through school, ending up with fine art at Birmingham-Southern College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In the military he served as a draftsman and photographer. Once out of the service he apprenticed himself to a graphic designer and began to translate what he'd learned as a fine-art student into the world of commercial art. After moving to Atlanta in his mid-twenties he started his own graphic-design studio, which gradually expanded into an award-winning full-service public-relations boutique specializing in providing communications strategies and materials to the officers of major corporations. When the Internet made it possible to live where they wanted and continue to work in their chosen fields, he and his wife Linda turned the graphic-design portion of the Atlanta firm over to employees and moved to the mountains of northwestern North Carolina, where they paint, write, and serve as cat staff. In addition to his art activities, Robert is the author of several books, including No Instructions Needed: An American Boyhood in the 1950s, Winnie & Gurley: The Best-Kept Family Secret, and What Your Cat Sees in You.

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painting demonstration

Click the above image to see Robert demonstrate the creation of a watercolor from rough sketch to finished, cropped art.

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